Director's Message

Director's Message

The world of business has in the recent past, undergone dramatic change. The size and the reach of corporate have turned into virtual mini nations even as they spread their operations across geographically and cultural borders. A senior that has bought in its wake the emergence of a need breed of professional the global manger...

With the evolution of business management has come growing recognition, that for India to find its place in the international economy, it must develop its own army of corporate worriers. IMSR is the result of just this and it says much for its foresightedness of KLE society that the institution is already 96 years old and has the satisfaction of providing 600 + trained professionals to power India’s march into the future. The institute offers an MBA program In affiliation with Karnatak University Dharwad and is recognized by AICTE, New Delhi. The decision to establish an institute for management education at Hubli, stems from its reputation as the business center of North Karnataka.

Next only to Bangalore in size, Hubli is a city that is located at heart of Karnataka. It has grown over years as a center of learning as well. A cosmopolitan city that is home to students from across the country. Hubli offers the advantage of a lower cost of living coupled with the highest quality of education and IMSR epitomes this, with world-class management education that it provides to those seeking to make in world of business. & always strive to enhance the quality of the students and enable them to face the ground realities of the business world. Our Students have the mental strength, agility and alertness to face challenges and enhance the quality of the environment that they become a part of. It gives me great pleasure to state that our endeavor over the years have paid, duly endorsed by our alumni who are prominent names in the world of business.

Dr. RajendraPrasad H.

MBA, MPhil, Ph.D.