Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

A Business leader often talks about what their countries must do to grow their economies in today's thoroughly globalized world. And the strategies that come out of these discussions will either make to break their efforts to drive the sustained growth, reduce poverty, accommodate urbanization, create jobs and raise the standard of living. But what does it really mean for a country to compete in the world economy and how can business leaders do it successfully.

Drawing up the long experience in management education, IMSR has built the framework that budding managers need to understand the trajectory of nations and to make their choice in the international economy. The institute's management programs have been designed to develop global managers with the capability of examining, developing and adopting strategies for responsiveness in a fast-changing environment. The focus is on building the capacity of changing management with the objectives of creating nimble enterprises lead by managers who hold the keys to future full of promise.

KLES's IMSR is the most prestigious addition to the list of 296 educational institutes under the banner of K.L.E.Society. Globalization has brought many changes, expectations and assurances in almost all economic activities. Therefore the fundamental definition of management itself has widened to take in many connotations which is unique to meet the changing ethos of international trade and commerce. And this task to equip the future manager to be effective, pro-active, innovative and competitive has been the goal of our Institute.

Dr. Prabhakar Kore